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The Friends of Lake Griffin State Park

The Friends raise money through membership, donations, providing kayak tours, and selling firewood to campers.  One hundred (100%) percent of this money is used to support the park.  We help the park purchase equipment that is not in the park budget saving Florida taxpayers thousands of dollars every year. Recent projects include

  • Purchasing new kayaks for rental
  • Purchasing exercise equipment for the park 
  • Leading kayak tours and teaching basic kayaking classes
  • Helping the park host fishing clinics for young children

Explore the “Real Florida”

Walk our expanded hiking trail, bring a picnic, go fishing, rent a kayak or canoe, or sign up for a tour of the Dead River Marsh.  Sign up for a

  • Daytime or moonlight kayak tour
  • Pontoon boat tour
  • Kayaking 101 class

Citizen Support Organization Meetings

Kayak Launch Ceremony

Last year canoe and kayak tour guides noticed that the racks holding the kayaks needed renovation, and the area to launch the kayaks needed to be redesigned. Tours were cancelled because of COVID so the Friends, along with the park staff, decided to make needed changes to the kayak launch area.  The Friends paid for the needed material and volunteers at the park did the renovation.  On February 9, 2021, The Friends and park staff invited the Villages Canoe and Kayak Club to help celebrate the opening of the renovated kayak launch area, and to take a guided tour in Lake Griffin State Park's Dead Rivier Marsh.

L to R -  Karl Langlois (Chairman of the Friends of Lake Griffin State Park), John Green, Derek Darling, and Mark Knape, (Manager of Lake Griffin State Park).  John and Derek, cutting the ribbon, are volunteers that constructed the dock and built the kayak racks.

The new kayak rack allows kayaks to lay on their side which is easier to load and unload.  Rubber mats and mulch keep the area from becoming muddy.

A Need for Golf Carts

Lake Griffin State Park staff and volunteers use golf carts to move workers, tools, and materials for repairs, maintenance, and special projects. They also use the carts to take visitors with disabilities around the park. The park needs several carts to replace old ones.  If you have a new golf cart or plan to purchase one, we invite you to donate your old cart to the park. 

We welcome 2-seat or 4-seat carts, preferably gas-powered, but also battery-powered with newer batteries. For more information, contact the Friends of Lake Griffin State Park at "
FriendsofLGSP@gmail.com” and send your email and phone number.

Friends of Lake Griffin State Park (FLGSP.org) is a nonprofit 501(c)(3) citizen support organization dedicated to supporting the park through volunteering, fundraising, and in-kind donations. Your golf cart donation may be tax deductible.

For those that have an injury or disability, a golf cart can be used for transportation around the park. A park ranger can show you plants and wildlife along a trail, or transport you to the playground, pavilion, or amphitheater. 



The Friends of Lake Griffin State Park needs volunteers to help our membership, events and other committees.

Kayak Tours

Lead kayak and canoe tours. We will train you.

Pontoon Boat Tours 

Pilot our pontoon boat for tours. USCG license required.

Special Projects

Help us with basic construction and repairs, brush clearing, and other minor projects.

News Articles

Go to the park and take pictures of something interesting.  Write a short article about the picture and sent it to us for use on our website and Facebook. 

Graphic Arts

Help us develop eye-catching brochures, flyers, and posters.


If you don’t have time to volunteer, your donations of money and goods are always appreciated. 

Fishing Clinic - Teaching children about fishing equipment and how to fish

Kayaking in the Dead River Marsh


About the Friends

The Friends of Lake Griffin State Park is a 501(c)(3) organization whose mission is to conserve, protect, restore and enhance the natural, historical, cultural and recreational resources of Lake Griffin State Park for present and future generations.


 Friends of Lake Griffin State Park                                    3089 US 441-27               

 Fruitland Park, FL 34731-4475

Contact the Friends: FriendsofLGSP@gmail.com

Contact the Park:  352-360-6760

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